Very funny human laser prank

Funny human laser prank


This is very funny and entertaining video featuring a man trying to catch a laser pointer. The video was filmed on a construction site where a man is having a bucket in his hands and he is trying to catch a laser pointer. Few guys who are filming all this, they are tricking that man with laser. That guy seems like one of the workers on this construction site.

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Surprisingly it seems like that he does not know about laser pointers, that is the reason he is after it very desperately. He looks very funny when he tries to catch it in bucket. He chases wherever the laser dot moves on the ground without knowing that he is being filmed and tricked by someone standing at some height from him. He steps very slowly and intelligently towards laser dot as he thinks that laser dot will come to know about him and will run away. He might be thinking it as a fly or some other small bird. The guys who are filming him are laughing on it. And on the screen you can read the names of the creating team as well. They are talking to each other in some Indian language as this video was recorded in India. Another man comes there in white dress and laser dot moves on that fellow’s body and that poor guy does not leave following it not even when the dot is moving over other fellow’s body. Then something more funny happens, he loses the dot in-between but then he finds it on a sensitive part of his body and he puts his bucket on it as thinking like he has caught it but the second moment he sees it somewhere else. When he sees it on the other fellows hand then he immediately holds it but fails again. Then other fellow gives him smoke and throws his bucket away then leaves from there. Then that tricked fellow starts working and then suddenly he sees that dot again, when he finds it on the palm of his hand then he tries to eat it.

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This is mean and funny at the same time. This video makes us laugh but at the same time gives us a message. That poor labourer is uneducated and he is totally unaware of most of the things and technologies of modern world. He will be like this for the rest of his life just because of the poverty, this is the reason rich and intelligent people take advantages of them. This illiteracy is a disgraceful spot for our modern society. But besides all this is a very funny video.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you like it.

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