OMG Unbelievable !! Train stunts

Train stunts by Indian guys


You might have watched so many people preforming stunts on television in reality shows, action movies and in dare shows, but have you ever thought that there are so many other people around the world who have the courage, skills and dare to perform dangerous stunts but because of some reasons they do not come in light in front of the world.

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This video shows some Indian guys about 12-16 years of age performing dangerous and unbelievable train stunts in Mumbai. Two guys board a local train from a station in Mumbai and immediately they start performing stunts. Guys slide their feet on the ground along with the train. They try to touch the poles near the railway track while hanging outside the local train. The guy near the camera is performing amazing stunts, even when the train is at full speed they are not scared at all and they keep on touching the poles. He is holding on something at the roof corner with just one hand. At .48 seconds he leaves us all stunned with his amazing talent, he runs on a grill along with the train. When i was watching it then i was thinking like he is about to die but he performs it successfully. He is touching the ground and other things on the ground. They are getting close contacts with the poles. In the end at the second station they leave the train.

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In Mumbai people are complaining about it, everyday these guys board the train and perform stunts like this and risk their lives for no reason. Even a guy 14 years old guy Sayed Mohsin died during performing such stunts in a local train in Mumbai. People have different views regarding these guys, some of us call them idiots, monkeys and some are praising their talent and encouraging. I think the major problem is these guys are from poor families, they do not get education and guidance to use their talent and skills in a right way. Professionals who perform stunts on TV for money and fame, who risk their lives to entertain us and to set world records, we call them heroes but what about these guys. Around the whole world we are wasting so much talent in streets and in slums. Such people have courage to risk their lives so just think what else they can do which most of us can not dare to. Even our soldiers are risking their lives everyday, the only difference is they are doing it for the country and they have a reason to do so but these guys do not have any. They are doing it just for fun and to live the life in a way they want it to be. So the only thing these guys need is just a proper guidance to use their talent.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you like it.

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