Unbelievable !! Giant Russian rat attacks cats

Giant Russian rat attacks cats


Have you ever seen any rat attacking cats ? It looks unbelievable that how can a small rat attack cats. We always keep cats to hunt for rats to protect our things in house and office from rats. And in the fight between cat and a rat, a cat always wins. But this is the first time you will watch a rat attacking cats. It looks unbelievable but its true anyways.

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The video is recorded in Russia and you can see a giant Russian rat is moving along a wall very slowly and carefully as rat can see the cats over there waiting for him. When a black cat tries to attack him, the rat attacks back and cat gets scared and runs back. Again cat keeps on trying to hunt rat but every time rat attacks back on cat. The cat could not even touch him. Other three cats are just staring on them, they are not doing anything neither they are taking part in hunting. Rat walks over a white cat while passing through them and white cat starts jumping and it seems like the cat is scared of rat. Rat comes back and rest for sometime then black cat again comes to him and this time it does not look like that cat wants to attack on him but rat attacks back just to secure itself. Cat steps back again. Rat makes noise as well to show its anger. Then rat runs along the wall but then stops and black cat keeps on chasing him but not attacking him. Every time its rat who attacks first. Cat seems like just want to touch it. Rat tries to pass through a small whole into the wall but as cat keeps on following him then it stops and stars at the cat, even the cat does the same and both sit in front of each other. Then video ends. What happened next, not shown in the video. This is the first time i am watching any giant rat attacking cats. I am really surprised by this action. I am wondering why cats do not seem to be attacking rat, cats are just staring at the rat in the whole video, only a black cat was chasing it but was not trying to attack.

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Anyways the video is just amazing and different and i hope even you will like it and would love to watch this brave rat again and again. Thanks for watching this video.

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