Wood Cutting Machines In Action – This Is Real Monster

John Deere H414 harvester head


This is an amazing technology by John Deere. This technology has made tree cutting very easy and it does all works like cutting long tree with ease and then cutting further in small and equal length pieces. This is H414 harvester head and its really quite an engineering marvel, its one machine doing 3 jobs, it gets rid of the slasher, the delimber and its still a feller buncher and you get rid of the skidder as well because they don’t have to haul out full size trees.

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The new John Deere E-Series Harvesters are starting a revolution in logging, delivering unmatched productivity and operator comfort. With a spacious, quite cab that automatically rotates according to operator preference to track the boom and levels to changes in terrain. Next generation TimberMatic automation system for fingertip control. And new booms and harvester heads that deliver the ultimate in wood-processing speed and efficiency. Other innovative advantages include TimberLink monitoring system, a hydraulic driven fan, and repositioned boom-tilt cylinders to help speed servicing, minimize maintenance, and lower daily operating costs. Whether you are handling small-diameter thinning or large timber regeneration harvesting, there’s a hard-working E-series Harvester with the power and agility to meet your needs. The superior new boom design on the E-series Harvesters delivers smoother, more accurate control. Impressive lifting and slewing torques allow the boom to lift and swing larger loads with ease. Using the TimberMatic H-09 control system, operators can customize controls for exacting boom-movement command. John Deere harvester heads combine timber-cutting power with excellent delimbing quality to the smallest diameter range, Choose from multiple reach options on all parallel harvesters booms and from a wide range of harvester heads to customize your harvester to your application. And put more productivity in reach.

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Even it does not require much maintenance as everything has been computerized in it. As you work long and hard – and John Deere has designed the Harvesters to do the same. Reliability and durability-boosting enhancements include rugged, reinforced boom cylinders and valve, automatic chain lubrication and tensioning, and a hydraulic driven fan. Service is simple and quick, with checkpoints grouped beneath a tilting engine hood. A self-cleaning engine air filter, extended service intervals and diagnostics further increase up-time. With its four-wheel-drive feed and six-knife design the H414 harvester head, designed for the 1170E, is excellent for thinning and final felling operations.

Technology came a long way and what a wonderful piece of equipment, saving time and a whole lot of man’s labour. This has brought production to new and better level to the industry. Thanks for watching this video and i hope you like it.

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