Must Watch Video !! Funny Arabs shooting guns

Funny Arabs shooting guns


The first devices identified as guns appeared in China around 1000AD and this technology was spreading through the rest of Asia by the 12th century and by the 13th century it was spreading through the whole Europe. Shooting a gun needs a proper training and skills as it can hurt anybody. Generally guns do not hurt anybody if we shoot them with proper technique but the people who do not treat guns well end up hurt.

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In this amazing and funny video Arabs, Americans and Asian guys are shooting an 50cal gun. The video was recorded in a testing room somewhere in Arabia. This is very funny video. The guys are wearing headphone-style ear protection and earplugs to protect the ears against the noise of the gunshots as it can harm the ears. At one time only one man remains inside the testing room to shoot the gun. First Arab guy aims the gun at a point object and fires, after shooting he falls back to the ground because the force does push back on him. Even the gun slips from his hands and breaks the door glass. It happens just because if you have very limited knowledge of shooting a gun, if you are standing off balance or when you are not very familiar with the shotguns. If you are not prepared then you could definitely be knocked over. Some powerful guns if fired improperly can actually dislocate your shoulder. After him another Arab shoots the gun while sitting on a chair. This time he does not slip the gun, the force does push him back but he does not fall back.

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Then an American guy shoots the gun and he also slips the gun after firing it because of the force impact, then same happens with an Asian guy. My favourite funny scene is when a guy falls back on a chair after shooting gun. At 2.19 an old man comes and he does not lose the balance at all, he does not ever slips the gun out of his hands but he gets hurt little bit as you can see he fells the impact on his shoulder. Then another old man shoots the gun and i think both of them did well then other young guys over there. At least they do not fall back. Then again at 3.47 another experienced and strong man comes and does well. If i am not wrong after watching this video i think all American guys did well while testing this gun and each one of Arab guys lost the balance after shooting.

Thanks for watching this funny video and i hope you like it.

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