HaHa Very Funny !! Airbag testing went wrong

Airbag testing went wrong


In most accidents airbags save driver’s life. But have you ever seen a man injured with airbag ? A man gets injured when airbag testing goes wrong, but anyways this is a funny video because the way airbag explodes, is just funny and hilarious.

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This funny video was recorded in Russia. Few guys working in a workshop try to test an airbag. They all are drunk and just having fun. There are tyre all around in the workshop and you can see liquor bottles in their hands. A man places an ignite r filled with nitrogen gas in a tyre and places white a bag on it. Then another man who is standing there just next to that tyre wearing a white cap, examine the bag and ignite r, rubs his hands then sits on it. There is a bottle placed just near to him so it means he is also drunk i think. Then he claps and that airbag explodes and shot his 150pound frame high up into the air about 8 feet, he almost touches the ceiling and falls down on the ground. Just imagine the force that hits the sack. The guy is just lying on the ground unconscious, all others are laughing and then another guy comes and makes him sit on the ground. It all looks very funny. It made me laugh so hard that i was in tears. But i think that guy is hurt, you can see that he is disoriented, dazed and confused. I like the way he claps and then boom. Smoke comes out of the tyre the ignite r was placed in. That guy is trying to make himself feel better and comfortable. Everyone else keep on laughing as they are enjoying this incident and their drinks. Then a guy offers him a drink but he is not able to even hold it in his hands. He still looks confused and dazed.

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Airbags can kill and deploy with the speed of a shotgun now you can imagine what could happen to this crazy guy. These kind of people are just crazy and are not afraid of anything. No wonder why so many people like these guys get killed or die because of an accident. But anyways everything happened in this video is just amazing and very funny as the guy is still alive after this.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you like it.

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