OMG!! Plane lands without its wheels { Must Watch }

Plane lands without its wheels


In most of the cases when any plane lands without its wheels then it gets crashed and so many passengers die in such crashes. But in some of the crashes, miracles happened and all lives were saved. One miracle happened with LOT Polish Airlines Flight 016. The polish pilot landed the flight safely without its wheels and all passengers and crew members were evacuated with no injuries.


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On 1 November 2011 a Boeing 767 plane was flying from Newark Liberty International Airport to Warsaw Chopin Airport with about 231 passengers on-board was just seconds away from attempting an emergency landing like no other. Across Poland millions of viewers who were watching the drama on live television and as the plane descended over the city residence ran out to take photos. Captain Tain     has spent the last hour and 20minutes trying to lower the wide body 767 landing gear, all of its wheels and its braking system but to no avail and he had no choice but to belly-flop the plane with its engines acting like a runners of a slide onto a concrete runway. As you can in this actual video shot inside the cabin in the final moments the passengers were ready for the worst. Air traffic controllers wish the captain good luck and in the last few seconds he turned to his copilot just in case. Pilot and a passenger share their experience they had in that flight before, during and after landing. Pilots informed the passengers about emergency landing and everybody was scared and were praying to God. And then it happen, flight 16 touch down at more than 140 miles an hour. You can see the moment of contact on the runway shot from inside the cabin. A passenger tells that when plane touched down, the impact never came. He admitted that he was waiting for a crash but nothing happened. He tells that it was one of the smoother landing he ever had.

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Incredibly it was a smooth touch down. All passengers were very happy with the safe landing but it did not last for even two minutes. A flight attendant came and asked the passengers to get off the plane immediately as there was another danger. There was smoke and fire on the right side engine. Passengers rushed for the emergency slides and a few fell as they try to run away but emergency crews were able to douse the flames quickly. The plane did not explode and except for few bruises everyone got off unharmed. And as for the pilot who got the flight down safely Captain Browner became a Polish National hero and in America he was honoured for saving 231 lives.

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