Wow !! An idea to save oil, money and time

How to save oil


Increasing number of vehicles directly affects the consumption of oil and its prices proportionally. Oil prices directly effect economy of any country by way of inflation. Increasing numbers also create problem of parking space. Hence to reduce the oil consumption the S-oil, one of the four oil companies in Korea took action. Its on a mission to save oil with an interesting method.

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As South Korea is a country devoid of oil. Seoul, a city where 1/4 of Koreans live with one of the world’s highest gasoline consumption. The situation is getting worse. Car usage is increasing, a car for every 2.5 people. Petroleum cars are arising, parking spaces are scares. People are stressed out. Everyday a driver wonders 500 metre to find a parking space to park his car, in a month this equals 15 km for one beater of gas. Hence S-oil is on a mission right here, right now to save oil, time and money. Thus begins the HERE campaign. It is set up a HERE balloon for each parking space as a car parks in it the balloon falls, when the car exists the balloon rises. Cars can spot these balloon from a far. They can spot open parking spaces without wondering. Finding quick parking means saving oil, time and money. One easily spotted parking spot is worth one litre of oil saved.

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I think there is nothing more economical than this especially in the times of high oil price. This seems to be a good idea since you could see and empty parking spot from distance. Besides saving oil and time it looks amazing to see a balloon in the parking lot. It makes parking a vehicle an east task. Some people say they couldn’t make it without balloon. HERE balloon have saved drivers’ gas expenses through a new and interesting method. If 700 cars are parked in 1 day then 23 litre oil can be saved everyday and in a year it will be about 8395 litre. S-oil, the oil seller company gained the impression of an oil-saving company. Both people and S-oil company is being benefited by HERE balloons. Through HERE balloons, the public is directly engaged with S-oil’s identity. HERE taking action for a better world. By saving oil we can save earth as it is an estimated that within coming 40-50 years there will be no oil to burn. Sometimes little things can change the world as this HERE balloon has done in Seoul.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you like it and the interesting HERE balloon for saving oil.

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