Great video !! Must watch !! Goat walking on rope

Goat walking on rope with monkey


There are so many people in the world who have crossed rocks and rivers while walking on ropes. Few of them have made records as well but have you ever seen any animal balancing and walking on rope with a monkey riding on its back ? It looks unbelievable but it has happened somewhere on this planet. This  amazing video featuring a mountain goat climbing ladder, then walk on rope and do some other things while monkey sits on its back.

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There is a rope tied between two poles. And the lady instructor gives instruction to the goat to climb a ladder placed near one of the poles. The goat is white in colour and having a monkey riding on its back. Goat climbs up the ladder and starts walking on rope very carefully. You will be really surprised and impressed by the balance made by goat on rope. Goat walks from one end to other without loosing balance and even the monkey is sitting very calm and relax. Goat steps very slowly and carefully. When goat reaches near the other end of the rope, the lady instructor places a piece of something like small solid object over the rope and get it fixed with rope. After reaching at the other end the goat turns around, and does it in such a way that it looks really amazing and unbelievable. Goat keeps it’s hooves very near to each other looks like at same position and very comfortably turns around. Then starts walking from the second end to first and when it reaches near that small solid object then goat starts climbing that object. Just look at the monkey, when goat climbs, monkey also does the same. He stands up on goat’s back to maintain the balance. Then goat keeps it’s hooves on that object and stands on it. It looks really impossible to stand up and make balance on such a small object. It looks impossible even for human beings then how can an animal do this quite easily. This is something which is really amazing and impressive. This is not it, the show does not end here something more awesome has to happen yet, goat rotates around on that object and monkey does handstand on the horns of goat. After doing all this goat comes down on the ground using the same ladder.

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Goats are extremely curious and intelligent. You might have seen goats climbing tress, they are widely known for their this ability to climb and hold their balance in the most precarious places.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you like it.

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