Amazing !! Goats balancing on a flexible steel ribbon


Goats balancing on a flexible steel ribbon


This is an amazing video featuring goats balancing on a flexible steel ribbon. The video is very much popular on YouTube with millions of views. The video was filmed in France, when on Sunday around lunch time, a family discovered a new game and one of the family members filmed their goats trying to make balance on a flexible steel ribbon.

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3 goats are trying to make balance and 1 goat is tied with a rope. In the beginning two small goats are already on the ribbon then a brown goat jumps onto the ribbon but then falls back. Again she jumps and this time successfully makes balance and remain there onto the flexible ribbon but other two goats fall down. The flexible steel ribbon swings and brown goat makes balance perfectly and remains there for long time. Other goats climb up but fail to make balance and every-time slide down. The tied male goat seems like encouraging others 2 to climb up onto the ribbon, he pushes them. A small goat shakes the ribbon and brown goat falls down but then immediately jumps again and makes balance, while other 2 fall down again. It seems like both small goats are competing with brown goat and male goat is also supporting small goats. In the end all three successfully make balance and remain onto the steel ribbon together for a while. In this competition the brown goat wins because she remains onto the ribbon for much time than others 2. Every-time when brown goat mounts the steel ribbon, the smaller ones fall out.

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This all looks very funny. Goats keep on trying to get on top of it even after falling off. They use their hooves to climb up and to make balance and it looks rather amazing. To make balance with hooves is not that easy because they can not grip tight using hooves, it could rather easy with rubber shoes because rubber shoes increase friction. At one point male goat shakes the steel ribbon to make the brown goat fell down and then pushes smaller ones to climb onto the top. It shows the attitude of goats towards each other, but i liked it, and i liked how they kept on trying to remain onto the top to win this game.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you like it and the game, these goats are playing in the park.

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