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Good people in Russia

Where people kill each other for their own benefits in the name of religion, colour and countries, some good people still exist there. This video shows that humanity is still alive in this world and people help each other without own benefits or any other favour in return. This positive compilation includes different clips recorded by Russian dash cams and this video will make you emotional.

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Beautiful soundtrack (The Cinematic Orchestra — Arrival of The Birds) has been used as background music. It may be normal but it’s still beautiful to see people with empathy, great example for everyone. Video features different people helping small dog walking down the street in traffic, a man stops his car and gets down from his car to help an old lady, a man helps a crippled man trying to stand on his foot with the help of sticks in the middle of a road having two way traffic moving on it, a man wipes off snow form the rear fog lamps of a car to make those appear, a man helps a small kid playing in the middle of a road, another man helps an old lady in crossing the road, a man pushes a car which has been stuck in snow on the road, a truck driver helps a car driver in pulling the car by hooking up with his truck, another man helps an old lady to cross the road, a man puts an animal away from the road to make it clear for the traffic, a man helps an old lady with her luggage, a driver stops his car and lets a small white animal cross the road safely, another man helps a car driver while pushing his car, a small kid helps an old lady to cross the road, a bike rider opens a car’s side mirror. I like the last one the most, a man helps a lady to hook her car and that lady kisses him on his cheek to say thank you, it is so pretty. It makes me feel so good while watching this positive video of good people helping others.

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We all should learn from this video, a little space in our hearts, make the world a better place to live. Life is very short to hate someone, if you hate someone, that person will always remember you but if you love someone, that person will always miss you. It makes feel so nice after helping others.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you like it and will help each-other.

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