Must Watch !! An acrobat having amazing skills


An acrobat having amazing skills

This is an amazing video featuring a guy doing amazing stunts. Kai Hou, he is an acrobatics at Cirque Mechanics and acrobatics at Les 7 doigts de la main. He is from Beijing, China and currently lives in Montreal, Quebec. This guy defies what a normal human being can do. He is being posted all over the internet and having millions of viewers on YouTube.

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Kai Hou basically disobeys all laws of physics and gravity, his stunts include back flips, jumping through hoops, tumbling through the air, spinning off poles, flipping off poles and cart wheeling at hyper-speed. He performs incredible flips and stunts. A clip from training session in Mexico has been compiled in this video, you can see he juggles hats and balls very beautifully. He is simply amazing and incredible, One does not pick skills like this up over night, it takes time to become perfect in such kind of stunts and tricks. First he jumps through a lower hoop at the second no, then he keeps on increasing the number of hoops and height. At last he jumps through a hoop which seems very high almost about 3 meters if the guy standing next to it is an average 1.7m tall man. He jumps through hoops while doing back flips. He performs back flips while remaining at one place at very high speed. He shows an amazing state balance, agility and motor coordination. Theses tricks and stunts are mostly used in circus. I personally like the last jump through a hoop which is at the top on number 5. It seems very difficult for anybody, i am sure if he will try in Olympic then definitely he could set a record, not easy to beat. It appears like he is having springs in his ankles as he jumps so high in the air and jumps through narrow hoops. Joke is apart but truly hats off to this young guy for his superb talent and skills.

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On his fan page he says that it is just a beginning for him and in future he will post more videos including some more incredible and amazing stunts. He keeps on practising more impossible stunts. We wish him all the best for his future.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i am sure that you are impressed by the skills of this Chinese acrobat.

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