Wow !! 70 year old bodybuilder { Must Watch }

70 year old bodybuilder


You might have seen so many young bodybuilders, but have you ever seen any 70 years old bodybuilder ? Don’t be surprised, this is true, Sam “Sonny” Bryant Jr is the 70 year old bodybuilder with a body like superman. He has such a good and impressive physique that he is an inspiration for the young bodybuilders.

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This is an amazing video by Jon-Michael Sullivan. The music used as background music is “Hidden Blues” by Pitx. Sam “Sonny” Bryant Jr. first started to workout when he was 44 and he did not know how to do weight lifting, he did not know anything at all but he started going to gym regularly and now he is 70 year old bodybuilder just because of his passion. He loves to weight and workout. He started all this at the age when most of the people quit weight lifting. To relieve stress he started working out and weight lifting. Within years he made his muscles and abs. He has participated in few championships as well. In July Sonny completed in the INBF Southern Natural Bodybuilding and Figure Championships in Macon, Ga. He says in this video that many people fall victim to the idea that age makes people old, but he says its a state of mind that makes you old. After 11 months of working out, a man approached him to take part in a competition and after that he has won few trophies. He said it was then that working out and body building became an addiction. He says that he is not fear of his age, he wants to be recognized by what he is doing today. He feels relaxed and satisfied after doing workout and weight lifting. He said old age is nothing but a state of mind, when people start feeling and acting like an old man then they actually become old. He wants to become a role model for the people who want to become bodybuilders but because of their age they do not do it. He said, he can not be like many young people who sit around watching TV, not staying busy and spending days doing nothing. According to him all this will lead them to a feeling of old age.

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When people ask him when he is going to retire, then he says never. He will keep on working out for his whole life. This man is a great inspiration for everyone. He has proved that there is no age of doing all this. Really hats off for this man.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you like it.

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