Amazing !! Superb !! This kid has some serious talent

Kid beats Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper


Some people are born with certain talents and they are gifted from God with amazing and superb skills. The little kid in the video is too born with an amazing talent. He is only two years old but he is already shooting hoops with Hollywood stars.

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Toddler Titus has beaten two Hollywood stars Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper in basketball shoot off. He has some amazing skills to shoot a basketball from different height and distance. In a match with two stars Titus scored 14 while Channing scored only 5 and in the match against Bradley, Titus scored 14 while Bradley scored 8. So both the stars agreed to make a video with him and this kid has become an internet star with millions of viewers on YouTube. You can see his father Joseph Ashby in this video as well who is supporting his kid in this. Along with his shoot off with the stars, Titus can seen scoring hoops from the top of a seven storey building. He is shooting basketball from different floors of a building and every-time he makes it into the basket. Ashby says that his son started shooting hoops when he was between 18 and 24 months just after he had learnt to walk. Nobody knows what he will do in future but today he is a star blessed with an amazing talent. This kid does not even know what he is doing but because of his father’s support he is doing well and has become very famous. These videos will stay with him for a lifetime. You can even see him shooting hoops in a basketball court. He successfully makes it and everybody claps and cheers him. He gets standing ovation by the crowd. I am sure his father must be feeling very proud by his son’s talent. We wish him best of luck for his future and it will be very interesting to watch him growing up and playing basketball at international level, if he does so.

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