Goats on a tree { Very Amazing Video }

Goats on a tree


The video is recorded in Morocco between Marrakesh and Essaouira. You can see 8 goats on a tree and these were not created by a bored geek in photoshop, amazingly these animals are real. Tourists are filming these goats into cameras. One lady is holding a doe and there is another lady standing close to her having a camera in her hands. One lady is taking pictures of goats on tree.

They all look surprised by this amazing thing. Goats are different in colour and you can hear that they are bleating. Cameraman takes a close look on the goats and you can clearly see that they are moving and looking around on the tree, so it proves that they are not fake, they are real. Near the end cameraman films a man holding a baby goat in his hands.

Goats climb on trees in search of food and these trees are known as Argan trees. Goats easily climb these 8-10 metres high Argan trees. Goats are after the precious Argan fruit. Goats easily digest the fleshy part of this fruit but the nut remains. Later, the farmers collect the droppings of the goats and these nuts are used by the locals to press and grind into oil. This oil is used for eating and for other health reasons. People also smear it on themselves. The oil produced from nuts is expensive, you can expect to pay from 15 to 50 dollars for a quarter-litre bottle of this goat-digested kernel-oil. Argan fruit falls in July, when black and dry. Until this happens, goats are kept out of the argan woodlands by wardens. Rights to collect the fruit are controlled by law and village traditions. The leftover nut is gathered after consumption by goats.

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Goats are known as skilled navigators of treacherous mountain conditions, maybe it is not such a surprise after all to find goats making their way up the steep and narrow trunks and branches of only slightly more dangerous trees. These brave goats simply hop from one cluster of branches to another in search of food. Over time they have become not only able to climb trees but adapt at the art as well. Pictures of goats on Argan trees look amazing and so beautiful. If you want to see the real thing then you may have to hurry because unfortunately, the Argan tree is slowly being over-harvested because as goats started climbing the precious Argan trees so they are eating their leaves and stunting their growth.

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Thank you for watching this amazing video and i hope you like it and would love to see the real thing.

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