Wow!! Jumping car

Jumping car


In this video you can see cars are now exercising more than most Americans. A car is jumping rope. The car in this video is multicoloured, it has maroon, white and sky blue colours. There is something attached under the car in between front and rear end. Two men are turning the rope and 3 are spectators. When they turn the rope then car jumps. They turn the rope anticlockwise. The rope is tied to the car as you can. Car jumps high enough to skip the rope. Car does three successful jumps but when it goes for forth time, it messes up. Rope messes up with the wheels of the car. Then they stop turning the rope and they clap over the successful completion of this car jumping trick. You can hear the noises when rope turns around and car jumps in the air and lands. This trick is beautifully done. Most probably they have taken out the engine and other stuff from inside the car to make it lighter in weight so that it can jump easily. And hydraulic suspension is used in this car because by hacking hydraulics, mechanics are getting cars to do this kind of amazing hops and jumps. The other suspension used in these kind of cars is known as air suspension. This car gets some serious air while jumping rope. In air suspensions, the metal springs are replaced with a very strong rubber bag. That bag is connected to an air reservoir and an air compressor that can inflate or deflate the bag, raising and lowering the car. Air suspensions are very easy to install as compare to other suspensions and provide a smooth ride as well.

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But the suspension used to make any car jump, dance and hop is known as hydraulic suspension. It uses a hydraulic actuator – a bladder that can be filled quickly with fluid. It’s attached to a compressor and with strong force, compressor shoots liquid into the actuator, and it expands rapidly. Think of it as a small explosion within the actuator. The actuator expands with the force of the fluid entering it and as it does so, it pushes hard on the components around it, causing them to spring away. This is the same principle that you’d use to jump off the ground. You exert a force from your legs against the ground, and that force propels you upward. When the force is removed, you come back down. Actuator systems exert force that causes the car to push against the ground. Since the ground isn’t going anywhere, the car goes up. But in this video i think most probably there is an other man inside the car who activates the hydraulic suspension to make the car jump. But anyways this is one of the most amazing videos we have seen.

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