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This Guy Has Balls – Insanse But Awesome!

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This Guy Has Balls – Insanse But Awesome!

This possibly quite might be the best base jump video ever uploaded to YouTube. This guy is really amazing and not scare of death and cops at all. He jumps from over the bridge even when a cop reaches there and try to stop him. This video was uploaded about 4 years ago and it has racked up millions of YouTube views. In addition, it has received about 18,564 likes as well. People are just loving it and watching this video again and again. They are admiring this guy’s courage through their comments below the video. I am sure even you guys gonna love it.

The video was recorded by one of his team members. In the beginning you can see a man is preparing for a base jump from over a bridge. He is preparing his parachute which is hanging down. Then suddenly a police car arrives there and cop stops his car when he sees him preparing for jump. One of his team members warns him about the cop and asks him to rethink about it. If i am not wrong he calls this guy Tony, probably by his name. But tony is not gonna stop, he says that he is going to do it anyways. He tries to stand on bridge railing but fails. He looks in hurry because you can see the cop is coming towards him to stop. In the second attempt he successfully makes the balance on the bridge railing. Till the time cop arrives there and asks him not to jump from there. But Tony refuses to do so, he says ” i am under arrest anyways” so he decides to go to jail after jumping from over there. He just wants to complete his goal and he is ready to pay anything for his passion. The best thing here is the cop is very calm and not in hurry to stop him. He knows if he rushes to stop him, the man can make any mistake in hurry and can get himself injured or can even die, so the cop tries to make him agree for not to jump but tony does not stop and jumps from there. Fortunately he lands safely on the ground. Once he completes his jump the cop moves his car to arrest him and send him to the jail.

But anyways this is the best video i have ever seen on internet. The man does not care what is going to happen next, he just completes his jump. Really cool and amazing guy he is.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you guys liked it.

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