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What This Man Did for his Dying Dog is Unbelievable!

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What This Man Did for his Dying Dog is Unbelievable!

This video shows the friendship and a great relationship between a man and a dog. We all know that dogs are man’s best friend. Many dogs have saved their owner’s life. But this time a man comforts his dog. In this video you will watch an owner sticking with his dog till the end, even if it means taking hours out of his day to let him feel better. It’s an absolutely beautiful thing that only a truly loving heart can do. Make sure to watch it till end, i am sure you guys will like it.

John and shef are best friends. John adapted shef from a shelter as a puppy, 21 years ago. That time shef was the only one who needed to be rescued. Shef has a problem in one of his rear legs. The real problem is with bone joint. Shef can not walk properly. Since then John is helping him and taking care of him in everything. To comfort shef, john takes him into the water because water just takes the weight off his whole entire body so it released the pressure from his body and shef goes to sleep. John remains in the water with his dog till the time shef is sleeping. Sometimes they do this for hours. John is always careful with every minute, he takes care of him very well. He is not sure how much longer shef will be around but shef has a best friend in John.

The video was posted around 2 years ago on YouTube. I pray for this dog that he go in peace when his time comes. Really hats off to this man who treats his dog so well that he can die peacefully. This video made me sad and tears came out in my eyes. We can learn a lot from this video about friendship and humanity.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you guys liked it.

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