WooW !! Guy with amazing talent

Guy with amazing talent


This is an amazing video featuring a guy doing tricking ( Flips). The video is recorded in a practice room where you can see long mattress are placed on the floor to protect players from any kind of injury while practising. These are combination of yellow and blue in colour. As this is indoor practice

session so lights are there. There are around 6-7 people in the room. A guy comes running and he starts tricking. He starts with front flip then he does back flips. He does flips so fast that it becomes very difficult for us to even count flips. His body rolls/flips end-over-end, making a complete 360 degree revolution. With the second flip he jumps high in the air and does more flips while in the air. He keeps on continuing tricking even when he comes down after high jump and in the last he again throws himself high in the air and does back flips. When he lands back on the feet, he raises his both hands up in the air and smiles. You can hear other people cheering as well. He performs it very well. He does not even lose balance at any point. This guy seems highly skilled and experienced.

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An individual who practices tricking is typically referred to as a trickier. Tricking is the formal name of a type of martial arts. An acrobatic flip is a sequence of body movements in which a person leaps into the air and then rotates one or more times while airborne. These flips are performed in many activities such as free running, gymnastics and cheer-leading. Flips are of different types, many variations of flips exist, with usage depending on the particular type of activity. In gymnastics, for example, flips conform to a small number of specific, rigorously defined forms and movements. In activities such as free running and tricking, however, there are seemingly endless variations of flips, though many of these are variations of the fundamental gymnastics flips. As a result, gymnastics nomenclature is often applied to flips found in other disciplines. In many cases, flips are generally categorized according to the direction of body rotation. For example, in a front flip the body rotates in the forward direction and in the opposite direction in a back flip. It’s not a skill for beginners, but if you take the time to practice your technique and build toward the back flip, you’ll be able to do it.

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Thank you for watching this amazing video of a guy with amazing talent and i hope you like it.

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