Face door knocker prank


Face door knocker prank

This is very funny video recorded by Quebec-based hidden camera pranksters. They orchestrate a clever prank, where they have unknowing prank victims carry a package to a door with an extremely realistic decorative face. The decorative face knocker looks so real, because it is ! They have painted a young boy’s face gold and have him pose as a door knocker. When someone comes at the door and knocks it, that boy scares them. First they show us that what they are going to do and they show the boy behind the door posing as a door knocker. A man wearing spects and cap on his head is carrying a packet in his hands which he asks other people to deliver at that door. He acts as he can not walk. He sits on a wheel chair and asks other people to help him by delivering his packet at that door.


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A lady in a black dress becomes the first victim of this prank but another lady with short hair becomes the first to knock at the door, when she knocks with her left hand holding that packet in his right hand, face at the door knocker opens its mouth and that lady gets scared and screams. And when she realizes that there is a human being behind that door and it is a real face and it is a prank then she smile. After that lady so many other people become victims of this face door knocker prank. Expressions of everybody are priceless. All of them get scared at first and after realizing that it is just a prank then everybody smile. My favourite is near the end when a lady knocks directly at the face of the door knocker and that boy behind the door pulls back. That lady seems really surprised by what is just happened. She might be thinking that where the face at the door knocker has gone. On the other camera the boy acting as a face door knocker is smiling. Even that lady outside the door is smiling when she comes to know that it is just a prank and the face at the door knocker is real. Another woman in pink gets scared when face door knocker shouts, by then that man comes and tells her that you have become a victim of this prank and he shows her by pointing towards the hidden camera, that woman could not stop laughing and keeps on smiling for a long time. In the end man tells everybody about this funny face door knocker prank. There are so many other videos by these pranksters at “Just For Laughs Gags”. I am sure this is one of the most funniest pranks you have ever watched.

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Thank you for watching this funny video of face door knocker prank and i hope you like it.

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