Funny prank of iphone explosion

Funny prank of iphone explosion

The pranksters are back to scare people with their pranks and then to put a smile on their faces in the end by letting them know about the pranks at Just for Laughs : Gags. It is a Canadian silent comedy television show in which they play silly pranks on unsuspecting subjects while hidden cameras capture peoples’ responses and expressions who become victims. This time they are playing an iphone exploding prank. As usual in the opening of this prank people who are doing this prank introduce how the prank is going to be played. We have two beautiful ladies playing this prank. One of them has an iphone in her hands and when she talks to somebody over that phone then suddenly smoke comes out of the phone and it gets hot. In a panic woman throws the phone into a nearby bush where it proceeds to explode. Actually there is another lady hiding behind nearby bush and when the woman who talks on iphone, throws that phone then the woman behind bush pushes a button to make an explosion. From the front camera it seems like the same phone has just exploded.

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First of all she requests a man passing through to use his phone to make a call as she tells him that her phone is running out of battery. She asks other people as well one by one and when they agree to help her by giving her phone to make a call than she takes their phone and goes near to bushes while talking on the phone and shows so many phones kept into her overcoat to the camera. She replaces their phones with one of the phone in her overcoat, she keeps the original phone into her trouser’s pocket. From the side pocket of her overcoat she takes a switch out and does it switched on, form the other hand she is holding a phone into, smoke comes out through a pipe which she has make hidden into the arm of the overcoat. She tells each one of them that their phone is getting smoky and it is getting hot as well. At that moment everybody seems shocked and surprised by what is happening there with their phones. Every time she throws the phone in nearby bush and then it explodes. She hides her face with her both hands to show people that something unexpected has just happened. She keeps on repeating it every time with so many other people. In the end she returns their phone and tells them that it was just a prank and they have become victims. Everybody smiles in the end.

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These pranksters are making people laugh for so many years with their so many funny pranks. They are contributing a lot to lower the stress of the people in today’s hectic life schedule.Thanks for watching this iphone explosion prank at Just for Laughs : Gags and i hope you like it.

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