Kangaroo vs Dog Fight

Kangaroo vs Dog Fight


This amazing scary video is shot somewhere in Australia. This is Kangaroo vs Dog Fight. Maybe this kind of thing happens all the time in Australia but this video of Kangaroo vs Dog Fight just blew our minds over here. A kangaroo is stuck in water along with a black dog and there is another white dog which comes later. Both the dogs bark loud from both the directions and kangaroo keeps eyes on both of them.

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In this video you can see that dogs are looking for a perfect place to attack from and then suddenly black dog attacks kangaroo and then it took unexpected turn and kangaroo tries to drown black dog in that small pond. The white dog keeps on barking while staying outside the pond. You will notice that white dog was scared and on the other hand kangaroo was alert and  was ready to defend any attack. Both the dogs might have thought that they can defeat kangaroo but it did not happen.

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Kangaroo has all the advantages because of fight happened in water. Thanks for watching this amazing scary video and i hope you like this video.

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