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Are you planning to add a swimming pool in backyard or inside the house ? But if space is the problem then don’t worry about it, a California-based company called Hidden Water Pools is aiming to change all that with an

innovative design, which you can convert a decorative patio into a swimming pool and back again at just the push of a button. You can have a usable space or surface and a water pool at the same place whenever you want any of them according to your need.


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In this video you will see a hidden water pool which at first looks like a decorative patio stone in the backyard but then something amazing starts happening, the surface goes down and water fills in automatically and within a minute or two the decorative patio turns into a pool. This is really amazing. You can see on the screen that the platform can be lowered to any depth between one inch and about six feet, for splash pool the depth can be between 0″-12″, this is for kids safety as conventional swimming pools pose a significant drowning threat to children, such that most places have laws requiring pools to be enclosed by a safety fence. A drained Hidden Waters Pool poses no such risk. Kids can easily enjoy the pool without any fear of drowning. To make a paddling pool/Spa you can lower the platform to any depth between 12″-36″, and you can use it for swimming and for other water-based recreation. And if you want to dive in the pool then you can lower the platform to any depth between 50″-72″ and it will become a full depth pool.

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Once you are done with swimming then you can convert it back into a decorative patio. The pool hides itself by raising the bottom. Now you can use this pool for other activities. You can walk on it, you can use this place as a playground as well to play anything. Besides its advantages there are other factors which we need to think about. Price of the pool, it seems expensive enough to keep slow folks from buying one. It costs somewhere around $65,000.00. About the maintenance charge the company states that it is not that expensive to maintain. Because the water is stored underground and isn’t exposed to the cooling effects of air and sun’s UV rays, so the pool chemistry is cheaper and easier to maintain. it’s more efficient to heat. According to the company, this magical transformation takes less than two minutes. You can have this kind of hidden pool even inside your house anywhere.

Thank you for watching this video and i hope you like this hidden pool technology and this type of pool will be on your dream list for your dream house. And the background music i think, is taken from donkey kong country 3, but i am sure about it. If anyone of you knows about it then please let me know so that i can update.

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