Unbelievable Paper Toy Transformer

Unbelievable Paper Toy Transformer


This is an amazing and unbelievable paper toy transformer video. In this video the person uses a paper sheet and cuts 8 strips of equal sizes. Each strip is given triangular shape by folding and using tape bounds then connects these strips to make 4 triangular shaped stripes. After that connects all of them together in such a way that each strip can be easily fold and moved in some directions while connected with each other. Then folds in different directions and sides to make cubes, triangles, rectangles, squares etc.

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Paper transforming is an interesting art. To play with a piece of paper to make different toys just needs practice. Some arts and skills are God gifted and paper transformer is one of those. You can make paper-boats, planes, flowers and other interesting things if you have this kind of art and skills in your hands and this is really easy, hence you can learn it and try to make it even by yourself.

Thanks for watching this amazing and unbelievable paper toy transformer video and i hope you like it.

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