Superb !! Wow.. Amazing Pool trick shots by Florian Kohler

Amazing Pool trick shots by Florian Kohler


Billiard and Snooker games are one of the oldest and most popular games around the world. Billiard is actually a traditional example of applied physics and geometry.

But here we have a man who pushes innovation to defy the laws of physics at every turn. Florian Kohler, born and growing up in France, he has surprised the whole world with his amazing and unbelievable pool trick shots. During his an ambitious world trick-shot tour of nine countries from the casinos of Las Vegas to the mountains in China, he recorded this video when he was in Germany.

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The release of the original Venom Trickshots DVD changed the artistic billiard community forever. Florian is the best trick-shot artist you have ever seen. Once you start watching his trick shots then you feel like in pure awe and you can not even take your eyes off it. In this video he shows his own versions of trick shots which include jumping, and massing with multiple cues simultaneously, executing jump and masses shots on moving balls. The most amazing shot is how the white ball moves across a semi circle to strike the red ball on the other end of the table. The way he moves the ball around the billiards table is purely awesome. He strikes two billiard balls with a two piece stick at the same time and then balls strike with the opposite end of the table and bounce in the air and Florian catches those balls. Then a beautiful lady enters and Florian plays shots while moving the ball all around that pretty lady. He moves the ball through little gaps between her legs and arms. Florian started playing pool after he received a 6 feet pool table as a birthday gift from his parents at the age of 18. He originated his own versions of trick shots and developed many new concepts after watching so many videos online. He has developed a Mezz masse cue to execute trick shots. He has contributed a lot to the game of pool as he has set a record for highest jump shot on a moving ball, at 23 inches. He has around 300 trick shorts to perform on world tour.

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This game needs high level of concentration and i am surprised that how Florian is able to concentrate on his shots while having a beautiful lady in front of him on the billiard table. Joke is a part but this guy is truly amazing. There are some other interesting benefits of this game as those who are fond of playing billiards unknowingly sharpen their mind by doing mental mathematical estimates and calculations.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you like it.

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