Amazing !! A guy starts dance party on Sasquatch Music Festival

A guy starts dance party


You might have heard several times that one single person can bring the huge crowd together at one place, and here is an example in front of you from real life, a boy starts a dance party. .

This video was recorded during Sasquatch music festival 2009. This is an annual music festival held at the Gorge Amphitheatre in George, Washington. In recent years it has taken place on the Memorial Day weekend, running for three or four days. Unfortunately the filming is shaky, but it is still worth the watch. It was filmed by one of the people who were present there

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You can see so many people are sitting on the grass and just one guy is dancing on the song ” Unstoppable” by the Santogold. He is wearing shorts only and he is dancing with his full energy while doing some special moves onto the grassy lawn and kicking it hard. He really is unstoppable and that’s the title of the song as well, he is enjoying himself without feeling shy in front of so many people. He is doing what everyone else is thinking, without caring what he looks like doing it. Then another guy comes and joins him, they do couple dance for a moment, then one more fatty guy joins them and after that people keep on joining them one by one, then it turns into a huge crowd dancing together at one place. People are clapping and screaming with joy. The boy is just simply amazing, even the lady who is sitting next to the person who is filming all this i believe, even she is wondering that how did he do that.

As we all know that music has no such languages but a universal language. Music, dance, spirit and an inspiration can bring the whole world together, it just takes one to start it, another few to follow and then everyone else to believe. This video gives us a hope in humanity again. As all other people over there were not actually willing to dance, but that single guy inspired them with his spirit to enjoy the moment without any hesitation and he is having a great time dancing his head off to draw in a whole crowd and before you know it the place is absolutely rocking. It shows us the power of one.

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Sasquatch festival was started in 2002, which was shortly after a number of the touring festivals had petered out and the beginning of the wave of regional festivals that started with Coachella and how is a dominant force on the music landscape, with Bonnaroo, Austin city limits, etc.

Thanks for watching this video and i am sure that you would love to watch it again and again.

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