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The brick road laying Tiger Stone


You won’t believe if i say paving a long brick street at once is an easy task, but it is. Watch this video, then you will believe me. There is a truck loaded with a machine. Engineers take that machine down and get it to the work.You will be surprised when you will see that you get an instant brick road paved by this machine. This machine is simply amazing and it is sensorised and remotely controlled. This machine is known as Tiger Stone paving machine, designed ergonomically by Henk van Kuijk, director of Dutch industrial company Vanku. Later on this machine has been manufactured by some other companies as well. This video is by Teglako manufacturing company, located at Veszprem, Hungary. This machine can pave the whole street at once including edge finishing. The paving quality is very high and it is very east to operate.

The labour-intensive work of paving a road has been simplified by this machine. It produces an instant road and it looks like a carpet being unrolled. A mini loader is used to fill the hopper with bricks and once the first bricks are placed on the bottom of the sliding board in the desired pattern then one of the 3-4 operators standing safely behind the hopper and picks the bricks out of the hopper and places on the sliding board with the topside up. Then bricks slide down by gravity in one road-wide sheet and are paved down onto the sand.


The Tiger Stone is operated by a push-button and is electrical driven. Because of the solid construction, it is almost maintenance free and it does not even make much noise. And the quality of the road paved is very high and is finished very nicely. This machine reduces the manpower and works very fast as compare to the human beings paving the brick roads. According to the manufacturer this machine can pave 2 times the human beings can pave on their hands and knees.

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Tiger Stone machine comes in three models, the 4,5 and 6 meter widths. As it is a very fast method to pave the roads so in future this machine will be used world-wide. There’s no doubt that a lot of people would expect smaller versions as well, that they could rent for creating garden paths and patios.

In this video once the demo is completed, engineers remove the plates which are connected to the sliding-board to ensure that the road curve can be followed exactly. They clean it and load back onto the truck.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you like this new technology.

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