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How hot dogs are made

The sausages are much popular in United States but most likely it was German sausage makers who first came up with the idea. Hot dogs are the no. 1 treat on the street. A team from discovery channel visited a plant where hot dogs are made and captured the whole procedure into the camera. Like as the popularity of hot dogs on the streets, this video is also very popular on YouTube with millions of views.

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Traditional hot dogs are made from a mix of pork, beef and chicken. The cuts they start with is called trimming, pieces of meat are left over from cutting stakes or pore chops. Then they grind the trimmings by pushing the cuts through graded metal plates. Process chicken trimmings are added to the grind meat followed by food starch, salt and other flavorings. These flavorings vary depending on where the hot dogs are to be sold, because in different regions, people have different tastes. Water is sprayed into the mix and everything is blended together in a big vat. Corn syrup adds a touch of sweetness. The addition of even more water helps to disperse the ingredients and make the hot dogs juicier. Another machine then pore as the meat better into a fine motion and back em’s out in the air. Long rolls of the tubes are loaded into the stuffing machine. It pumps the meat into these casings twisting it every five and a quarter inches, the length of one hot dog.

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It takes just 35 seconds to make a chain of hot dogs, that would span a soccer field twice. Then three of those hot dog chains are linked together to make a even longer strain and they are loaded several time into another machine which moves the hot dogs onto moving racks. The process is carefully timed so it twist always lands on the bar. The rack shunt the hot dogs through a liquid smoke shower then into another with several cooking zones. The liquid smoke adds flavor to the hot dogs as they bake. Then again these cooked hot dogs are taken through to salty water shower to prepare these dogs for packaging. In an unloading zone a machine pulls them off the bar onto a conveyor. Then the hot dogs slide off the conveyor into metal containers then the packaging procedure follows after the complete inspection.

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