Very Funny !! Tiny dog vs big dog


Tiny dog vs big dog

This funny video shows what happens when there is only one bowl for the dogs to eat from. Both the dogs fight with each other and the small one is more aggressive. This tiny dog vs big dog has become very popular on internet and racking up millions of YouTube views. In addition to the views the video has received about 4000 likes as well. I am sure this video will certainly put smile on your faces and you will definitely like it.

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There is only one bowl for the two dogs to eat from. Actually the owner kept it intentionally to record their fight. Let me tell you one thing that these dogs are friends actually so they do not harm each other. Sadie is the name of tiny dog and Foxey is for big dog. The little dog has put his front legs into the bowl to show the big dog that this bowl belongs to him only and he is not going to share it with him at all. When big dog tries to eat from that bowl, the little one barks at him and keeps him away from the bowl. The big dog gets scared and walks back, he keeps on trying but every time tiny one does not let him eat. He does not even let him come closer.

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The little one is more aggressive than bigger one. When it reaches to high then big dog hits tiny one with his front paw. He clearly does not want to hurt the small one. It tries everything it can. Big dog is very smart, it distracts the tiny one with harmless taps from behind to get across to the food, but the little one is just too aggressive. Both the dogs are very cute but there is something owner should think about. He needs to teach them some manners because if he ignores it, then in near future this tiny dog will become more aggressive and it will be out of control. Dogs are everyone’s favorite as pets so we should not let the dogs behave like this because in future it can get worse.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you liked the fight between Sadie and Foxey.

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