Wow !! World’s most insane rope swing ever


Most insane rope swing ever This video shows one of the world’s most insane rope swing ever. A group of young guys put their lives at risk for this dangerous but interesting cliff jumping. They are racking up millions of YouTube views by uploading this video. There are other so many videos of them doing dangerous things but this is one of the best videos uploaded by them. One morning the whole team goes to a very beautiful place surrounded by high rocks. They do free fall jumping from the height of about 400 feet. They tie one end of the rope with something on the rock which can lift their weight to prevent them falling onto the ground. Then they start jumping from there through the gap between the rocks. Each one of them takes a camera along with them to capture their own expressions and to feel us the actual experience about swinging into the air. All of them do front and back flips while jumping from the top.


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There has been always a risk to get collapsed with the rocks but fortunately nothing happens such. They all enjoy it a lot. Near the end a guy walks on the swinging rope, he loses balance while in the middle of the rope but he gets his hands on the rope and holds it. This jumping looks very adventures and interesting but actually it’s very dangerous thing to do. They have another flying camera on them to record this video. It took lots of hard work, practice and time to film this video. To shoot this video, whole team spent about 3 days and 3 nights there in the temperature below 0 degree. You can see the frozen ice all around. Awesome song used in this video is called “Kitten Air” and is featured on one of Scott & Brendo’s albums. The video is filmed by Devin Graham.

Thanks for watching this amazing video about free fall jumping and i hope you liked it.

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