Really Amazing !! Gift


Singapore drama short film

This amazing short drama film will certainly make you emotional. Name of the this short film is “Gift”, directed by Daniel Yam, produced by Foo Xiuqi and written by both Daniel and Foo. They are racking up millions of YouTube views by uploading this wonderful short film with a strong message.

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The story runs in a flashback. A son does not like his father, because his father does not earn much money. Son does not want to be like his father in life. He does not like anything about him. His father does small jobs, he is poor and unsuccessful. Despite working harder than all his friend’s fathers. He thinks that his father is not very smart, he does not see him as an inspiration. His father use to give him pocket money but every time takes some money back as taxes. When he asks his father that why they are not rich, his father teaches him that being rich is not about how much you have, but how much you give. He teaches his to find happiness in giving others. But he does not agree with his father and he wants to become rich when he grew up. He studies well and gets scholarship in The University of California. He refuses to take the money from his father when leaving for the university.

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He leaves his father behind to fulfill his dreams. He gets a good job after completing his studies. His father use to call him every year but he never goes back to see his father. He returns when his father is dead. He finds some thank you letters from a Community Chest for the donations by his name. He meets them and asks about those letters as he has never donated any money for the charity. A lady greets him and takes him to boy sitting on a wheel chair. That guy tells him that his father used to tell them about his son. Over there, son comes to know the reality of his father. He comes to know that his father was donating money by his name and was helping poor and helpless people there for several years. His father used to give them hopes and now all the kids there are missing him. He comes to know that his father used to put the smile on the kids faces by acting as a joker. He comes to know so many good things about his father. His father’s kindness makes him emotional and now he starts seeing his as an inspiration. Now he comes to understand the meaning of his father’s talks. After knowing all this he thinks his father as an hero and an inspiration and he starts following his steps. He starts doing same as his father wanted him to do.

This short film gives a strong message about helping others. It tells that being rich is not everything in this world, spreading happiness is the most precious thing.

Thanks for watching this amazing short film and i hope you liked it and the message given in this film.

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