Dash cam captures drunk cop !!


Dash cam captures drunk cop

This video of a drunk cop was recorded on November 13, 2007 by a dash cam. Dash cam captured a drunk cop attempting to perform a sobriety test on a sober driver but the driver drives off without having to put up with any more antics.

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A cop asks a driver to stop his car on the road, when the cop walks towards that car, he looks like he is drunk. While checking driver’s ID the ID card slips from his hands and the drunk cop hardly manages to lift that card back. He forcefully pulls the driver from his car and asks him to give a sobriety test. First the cop gives demonstration how to perform a sobriety test. He looks funny while doing this. Even he admits that he himself has had given many sobriety tests. Even the cop fails in his sobriety test. He takes driver’s  beer bottles and keeps them onto the ground. He takes his cap off and throws away. He says full abc while giving demonstration. When driver says that he is ready for the test then cop stops him and asks him to watch again. He again starts the demonstration but this time the driver does not waste time and quickly sits in his car and drives off from there while the cop is still in the middle of his drunken stupor. When cop looks back, he runs after his car but could not catch him.

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I am not sure is this real or did someone pull off a hysterical prank. But it does not look real at all because for a drunk guy, the cop sure runs pretty well. Besides all this, the video is funny and entertaining. Mostly the cops remain honest towards their duty and they do not drink on duty. Do not make any wrong statement about the cops because this video is just to entertain you guys, so just enjoy it.

Thanks for watching this funny and entertaining video and i hope you liked it.

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