Haha Very Funny !! Kid having serious conversation with his father


Kid having serious conversation with his father

Little baby is having some serious conversation with her father on the table. Nowadays even little babies are sharing their opinions and ideas in their own language which we can not understand. Even you might have participated in many debates but this is the best ever debate between father and her daughter.

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A father and her daughter are arguing with each other while sitting across a dinning table. Baby is sitting in baby chair and her mother is recording this video. Her father speaks in Russian and baby speaks Russian gibberish. She can not speak but she appears to get her point across. I am not able to understand even a single word but it seems like a heated debate. I think the baby is far wiser than its age, she just has not fully mastered the language yet but it does not stop her and she answers every thing, her father says. It’s very funny and adorable. Most amazing is the body language of the little baby, in-between she leans forward while talking to her father. At one point she uses her hand too. She looks directly into her father’s eyes. She does not look at the camera at all. Near the end when her mother laughs then she looks towards the camera and laughs too, otherwise she is very serious during the whole conversation.

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Her hand movements are really adorable, i love when she stops and looks in amazement at her own hand after it, it’s used in perfect argumentative mimicry. She is very beautiful and so cute. When her mother laughs, baby looks at her and then again starts arguing with her father. I have no idea what they are speaking but this is the cutest thing i have ever seen. I am wondering when she will learn language then her parents will never shut her up. This little girl is very special. I wish there were subtitles of this whole conversation.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you liked it.

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