Amazing !! Killer whale tries to communicate with humans by imitating their boat’s motor


Killer whale tries to communicate with humans

You will be surprised after watching a killer whale imitating boat’s motor to communicate with humans. Luna , a wild orca boy is the one who imitates. This video of Luna is racking up millions of YouTube views and moreover, receiving thousands of likes.

This is really amazing watching Luna miming engine’s sounds. Luna was born on September 19, 1999 in Puget Sound. These killer whales remain with their mothers throughout their lives but Luna got separated from his family on the same day of his birth to follow whales from K pod. But next year they were seen together in spring season. Again Luna was seen alone In Nootka Sound and after that he never met his family. A year later, people named him L98 Tsux’lit after the tribe’s late Chief, Ambrose Maquinna. Luna was not much friendly with people, at first he avoided boats and kept his distance from people. By the summer of 2012 boaters started to visit and Luna started miming boat’s engine sounds. Luna’s this action started attracting more boaters. As the summer progressed, he became more insistent in his interactions and harder for boaters to escape.


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Luna started thinking himself as a boy and enjoying the time with people come there. DFO asked people to keep distance from Luna as disturbing wild marine mammal is still illegal in Canada because a boat and a whale can cause significant damage to each other. Later Luna started visiting dock and in some cases he caused little damage to vessels and a float plane. People started feeding him potato chips and beer, some people were fined for their action to feed him. Luna had become people’s favorite by that time, because he was interested in human beings for a social connection, he wanted eye contact, physical, he wanted almost this mental contact, so people got attracted to him and were responding to his little activities. When more and more people started coming to see Luna and he was interacting with most of them then some stewards were paid to keep Luna away from people but it was not possible to keep him away from the boats. Luna had a deep emotional impact on people. Later on, on March 10, 2006 Luna was killed by a tugboat.

Luna was very cute and intelligent. We need to protect these creatures, we really need to stop killing these creatures, Luna here proves that they are so much smarter than most people and they are just like us, even they want attention and love. Hence, we really should do something to protect them.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you like it.

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