Must watch !! How technology will change our life in 2020 ?


How technology will change our life in 2020 ?

 If we compare our today’s life with the life 100 years ago, we will notice that science has changed our life completely. As new technology keeps on coming every day, every month and every year so how technology will change human’s life by 2020 ? This video shows a day in 2020. Human life will be totally changed by then.

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Future technology is beyond the reality of science and technology. The ubiquitous screen will profoundly change the people, culture and business. Touch screen will play an important role in human’s life. In this video you see a man and a woman wake up in the morning then man checks about city weather and traffic on the LCD, which is large format, ultra thin and frame-less design. Even in bathroom lady gets messages and she replies to those messages. This is architectural display glass which is touch sensitive, electronics enabling and pristine surface. Even making of breakfast will be done on architectural display glass which will be tough, thermal durable and display enabling. Appliance veneer glass will be used in refrigerators. Kids are managing their snaps on the surface of refrigerator. The glass is scratch and smudge resistant. Handled display glass will be used for mobile phones, and it is thin & light in weight, damage resistant and touch sensitive. After breakfast lady sits in her car and car system recognize her, she tells the vehicle system her destination and car takes her there itself. On the roads we will have large format display glasses to give us a knowledge of different places. These glasses are weather resistant, elector-optics enabling and optically adaptable. During our work we will have a TV meeting with classmates in some other places. In the office lady connects her mobile phone to the work surface display glass which is application enabling.

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In future we will not need to spend much time in choosing the clothes. An interactive machine can give us a 3-D virtual scene, where we can choose various clothes. Future interaction will have much more emotion and intelligence. Flexible display glasses will be used to look at the infrastructure of any building. In the evening they all watch their favourite programs on 3D television display glass which is vivid & immersible, thin & lightweight and frame-less design. At night man reads on a portable display glass so we will not need to bring and book to read something, the glass is ultra thin, flexible and electronics enabling. In future glass technology will be used at large scale and whole work system will be computerized by then. In this video the whole house is made of glass. According to me even if we get half of this technology by 2020, our life will be completely changed.

Thanks for watching this video about our a day in 2020 and i hope you like it and waiting for this technology to come as soon as possible.

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