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Amazing People Compilation 2012

The whole world is filled with outstanding, amazing, skilled and talented people. Some of them you can see in this video. These awesome people are doing amazing things which are not possible for us to do. Lovely music is used in background. Total three songs are played in this video, first is – Flo Rida – Who That Girl ft.Akon (Smarter Child Remix), second is – All I Do Is Win by DJ Khaled and third is – Last Night by Good Charlotte.

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The clips compiled in this video are as :- a man makes bubbles joined together of the water foam and then insert a smoke cube inside it.

a boy does propose to Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu in Dance India Dance television show. He does it all in slow motion and it looks really amazing.

On “Britain’s Got Talent” show a man swallows big snooker ball and then spits it out in his hands.

a man inhales cigarette smoke and take a sip of any liquid then fills that smoke inside a foam bubble, when another man lights a lighter under that bubble then it catches fire.

a player plays ping pong in different style while having pin pong racket held in his pant. He hits lightweight ping pong ball with his racket and reaches it in the glass placed upon the table. He does some other incredible things as well, he uses a tooth brush, a baseball bat and his wrist watch as a racket. He aims at the egg placed upon a small stick and brakes it, he does extinguish the fire, brakes a glass and a balloon with a shot. He plays ping pong while sitting on the ground.

a man kicks a ball and reach it in the dustbin and in a truck’s cabin from a long distance. He aims at a beer bottle and then first kicks that bottle and then hits it with the ball while the bottle is still in the air. He gets the ball in a moving trolly.

a boy shoots a ball through a hoop elevated around 10 feet above the ground while doing a spin from a long distance, another guy shoots the ball through a hoop from the roof of a building which is very high off the ground.

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a guy jumps over the moving car.

a boy puts on his clothes while doing front and back flips and then takes them off again while doing flips.

a man wears his cap which is placed upon a table while doing front flip from over the table without touching anything.

a man rounds two rings together and it looks really awesome.

Thank you for watching this video and i hope you are impressed by the skills and talent of these people. And i am sure that you would love to watch it again and again.

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