A Portrait Of Jackie Chan Made Out Of 64,000 Chopsticks!

Jackie Chan chopsticks portrait


This video features a girl having some incredible and serious talent. She creates portrait of famous actor Jackie Chan with 64000 chopsticks. Her name is Red Hongyi, and she is known by her nickname Red. She is an artist, she loves painting but with chopsticks. She never uses paintbrush or colors to make paintings. She is blessed with this amazing talent and because of her talent she got a chance to meet Jackie Chan and she is well known artist around the world. People who do not know her, after watching this video, will certainly fall in love with her talent. This is something different, which most of us have never seen before.

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In the beginning Red Hongyi is sitting with world famous actor Jackie Chan on the dinning table in a restaurant. She stops him from eating the food with her sticks. She tries to block his chopsticks with her chopsticks. It’s a going between chopsticks. She makes him to throw his chopsticks away and she wins this small war. Jackie asks her that why are you so good at this ? She replies that she is good because she has played with 64 thousand chopsticks this month. Jackie gets surprised with her answer of playing with 64000 chopsticks in a month. He accepts that she is a master. Then she starts with her painting and combines chopsticks together in bundles and makes chains of those. Then she hangs those chains of chopsticks and creates a portrait of Jackie Chan. It looks really awesome and beautiful. In the end they both give a pose to the camera on this special moment. This might be a most precious gift, Jackie has ever received by someone.

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She made this portrait in Beijing. Red tells that it was not easy for her to choose the material for Jackie’s piece. She had to justify with Jackie’s piece because he is a well known face internationally. So she decided to go with chopsticks as she got the idea from Jackie’s film, as in most films Jackie has used chopstick in his fighting scenes and on the top of it, chopsticks are Chinese. She spent almost about a month to collect those chopsticks, in Zhejiang and in Beijing. It made it for Jackie’s 60 birthday as she hung 60. There are other so many interesting things about this portrait, such as she formed the word “long” in this portrait, which means “dragon”, and interesting thing is that Jackie’s name in Chinese means “Dragon”. This installation of chopsticks is best viewed from the front, where the portrait is most visible. When you will see it from very near or from sides, then bundles of chopsticks are seen, hence it looks Jackie’s face from the front when you see it from a distance. Really hats off to the talent of this girl, she has done a wonderful job.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you liked it.

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