Must Watch !! Method to educate and train horses

Method to educate and train horses



This is an amazing video of a horse getting trained by a trainer. This video is not only about a method to educate and train horses, but something much more complete : the love of a life applied to working with horses. The video was recorded in Argentina. This is just a demonstration video by Scarpatis.

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A man is lying on the back of the horse and makes him lie down onto the ground. It’s a kind of yoga technique they teach the horses. When horse lies down on his back onto the ground then that man straightens his legs and does handstand on it. He teaches other things to the horse and in the end man rides on it. It’s actually a pretty amazing and interesting method to train horses. The scarpatis are doing this for long time.

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For those who do not know scarpatis, Oscar and Cristobal Scarpati are a father and son and a team that for years have taught the method with which they tame horses. They have learnt everything about horses. To educate a horse you have to think as a horse, feel as horses do, then you can tame horses. Scarpatis’ main commitment is to horses. Scarpatis have huge contribution in the field of training horses. Oscar has done this for about 50 years and he brought his family members and other thousands of students in this field of training horses. His son Cristobal accompanied him throughout his mission to help horses and people build harmonious relationships. They have trained other so many people so that they can train the horses to preserve the mental and physical health of the horses using these techniques. Their methods are really admired by the professionals and lovers of the horse world. They live on their farm in the province of San Luis in Argentina, where this video was recorded.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you liked it. If you are a horse lover, then certainly this video is going to help you.

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