Japan Train during morning rush hour

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Japan train during morning rush hour – Before you complain about the train system in your country, just watch this video about train system in Japan. I am sure this video will make you to change your mind about train system in your country. The video was recorded by a person on one of the railway stations in Japan during morning rush hour. The video was posted on YouTube a year ago. Though it has not racked up so many views but still it’s worth to watch. At-least You will come to know about the truth of train system in a developed country.

Just watch the huge crowd waiting for the train to arrive at the station. The time train arrives, it stops and the doors are open for the passengers. You can see the train is already full of passengers but still more passengers want to board this train. They start getting onto it and they find it hard to make even little space at the entry door. The passengers standing behind push the other passengers standing before them, and the front passengers push the other passengers inside the train to make the space for themselves. When few passengers remain outside then railway employees standing there, start pushing the people onto the train and close the door of the train. Actually the doors are automatic but still doors get shut because of the hard work by the employees. After closing one door they move to another door to help other employees. When all the doors are closed then train leaves that station and moves to the next station to pick other passengers.

I live in India and even i have not seen such thing happening in my country. After watching this video i stopped complaining about the train system in my country. In Japan the rush hour is normally from 7.30 am to 9 am, 12 pm to 1 pm and from 5 pm to 6.30 pm. This transportation system in Japan is not safe for women because one the most publicized crime committed on trains is groping. Most of the time the victim is female and most male take advantage of overcrowded cars. In most trains there are separate cars for females but still in few trains, groping happens.

Thanks for watching this video and i believe this video might have changed your mind about the train systems in your respective countries.

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