Wow !! Little kid dances like Michael Jackson

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Little kid dances like Michael Jackson – This little boy stole the show dancing at the stage of Got To Dance auditions. He danced on one of the beautiful tracks by Michael Jackson. Video featuring this little kid dancing is racking up millions of YouTube views and till now over 15 million people have watched this video and it has received about 26,000 likes as well. This little kid has already become an internet star and he will never forget that day. He is a natural born entertainer and people are loving it. This clip has been taken from 2011 auditions of Got To Dance. I am not sure whether he won that show or not but by watching him dancing in this video, one thing i must say that he is outstanding and keeping the legend Michael Jackson alive in his dance.

He is wearing clothes and hat like Michael Jackson and doing his dance moves with perfection. Even the judges are surprised by his dance moves and enjoying his performance. This little boy is so adorable. I would say we are seeing a future entertainer here. He is already well on his way. I have seen so many little kids dancing so well with perfection in their dance moves but this may be the best thing i have ever seen. Because this little kid is so natural. He is doing each and every dance step as Michael used to.

If Michael is known as a king of pop, this little kid is known as mini king of pop. Most of the dancers around the world copy Michael’s dance moves, his dance moves including the famous moonwalk became legendary. He was born on August 29, 1958 and died on June 25, 2009. He was presented with an award by the president of U.S. for his support of charities that helped so many people overcome alcohol and other drugs. He is no more with us to entertain us but the dancers like this kid are keeping him alive by following his dance moves.

Thanks for watching this cute little kid dancing at Got To Dance stage and i hope you guys enjoyed his dance.

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