Amazing!! Man selecting cobras for the snake show

Man selecting cobras for the snake shownm

This video was shot in Australia.The snake show is held at La Perouse, a suburb of Sydney, Australia and in this video you will see a man selecting a cobra for that show. This crazy guy is famous as Cobra Man and he has around 1000 Cobras as pets and for every show he selects a new Cobra. In this video you can see this guy is throwing Cobras all around while looking for a right one to take part in the snake show.

You can see few Cobras in threatening gesture by raising the front quarters of their bodies off the ground and flattening their necks and some of them are with expanded hood. In the beginning he already has a snake held in his hands and he throws that down then he hits another snake on its head. He selects one and put it on the ground, he makes threatening gesture towards snake but snake does not reacts so he leaves it and starts looking for another one. A Cobra tries to coil around his leg but the man hits him with his foot. He carries a blue bag to keep the selected snake in. Then he finds one which looks black and makes a space to place it by moving other snakes with his feet. He selects 4-5 more snakes and place them all together and looks into their eyes, he teases snakes to make them aggressive, he calls them to attack on him. He picks one and clean its mouth but then leaves it.

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The snake man is familiar with Cobras and he is not scared at all. Man tries to make Cobras attack on his head by teasing them. In this small place Cobras are coiled around each other and that guy loose them all to select two snakes. Whenever he likes one then he stares at its teeth. He throws them all around then after long time he selects one who is in very aggressive posture and looks different from others, he puts it in his bag and looks for one another. An other guy comes and he is also looking for a snake for the same snake show. He finds his snake in a short time and leaves the room. After some time cobra man finds one more and put him into the bag and leaves the room.

I am sure that this is the first time you are watching so many cobras all together on one place. Thanks for watching this ‘Man selecting cobras for the snake show’ video and i hope you like it.

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