Crazy Mountain Ram Attacks Motorbike Rider

Crazy Mountain Ram Attacks Motorbike Rider 


This video is recorded by Marty. He makes a plan along with his friend Nicky to catch attacking behaviour of a male bighorn sheep into his camera. Nicky helped Marty to film this angry ram in New Zealand. They have mounted a camera on the back of the angry ram to record the close actions. A rider is riding a trail bike up hills and when he sees an angry old ram he stops his bike, and that angry beast comes from front and attacks the biker and then goes back. This animal is very powerful, when biker checks his bike then he finds a part of the bike has been broken. Fortunately he manages to save his leg. You might be thinking that why the ram is not getting harmed. So its little interesting over here, actually a ram has a thicker, bony skull that helps to absorb the impact of the clashes.

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Biker can not even turn his bike around because beast is attacking him continuously. Rider again tries to move his bike but angry beast again charged his bike. Anyhow he manages to move his bike and ram follows him. From the camera on beast’s back gives us an awesome view of striking of the ram with the bike. Biker leaves his bike and this time bad-tempered attacks him and knocks him to the ground. Biker manages to stand up and holds the horns of the beast and shakes his head. Ram turns more aggressive and every time attacks the biker. Biker wants to escape but the angry ram is not letting him escape from his anger. Beast attacks him several time. In the end biker picks up a branch and waves it in front of the ram, then ram backs off enough for the rider to escape on his bike. He runs his bike at high speed and beast follows him but he escapes. In the end he shows the broken parts of his bike. The angry horn beast ended up breaking bits, break line clamp and a part of the camera as well.

There are few interesting facts about rams, they are named for their large, curved horns which they use to show dominance on other male rams. They are known for their aggressive and attacking behaviour as well for no reason. A beast can become stressed when separated from his flock members and can attack anybody to take out his frustration. There is one more news about this angry ram that he has attacked a group of pig hunting dogs. Such videos tell us about the behaviour of animals and it helps us whenever we come across all such animals.

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Thank you for watching this video and i hope you like it.

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