Fearless Man Plays With Grizzly Bears Like You Play With Your Dog


Wrestling a grizzly bear in my garden

When you hear that a man is playing wrestling with a grizzly bear, at very first moment you think that he will get killed by that bear, but it does not happen. Doug Seus is a professional former Hollywood bear trainer. He plays with the half-ton animals, like no other. He lives in Heber Valley, Utah along with his wife Lynne. He turned his passion into his carrier and he is one of the very few people who can interact with these animals. They are sharing their ranch with their three bears also, one bear died of cancer long time ago, so now three are left. He named them as Bart 2, Honey Bump, and Tank. They are living and playing together for the last four decades. With his decades of hands on study and research, Doug Seus has developed an awe-inspiring and heart-warming relationship with these grizzly bears. He is a good man indeed, he is treating these animals with respect. He is living his life in pursuit of passion and preservation.


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In this video he is putting his head in the bears mouth and bear kisses him. He is able to use his unique relationship with these animals to train them for some TV shows. Six feet tall Bart 2 recently starred in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. Doug and his wife Lynne are doing a charity to protect key landscapes used by grizzly bears and other wide-ranging wildlife and bears are also ambassadors for their charity. These animals have the ability to crunch a human bone in a single bite, the size and strength of these bears tells you that even lions and tigers may fear fighting them but besides all this Doug is not feared at all because he is not hurting the bears. He is been doing it for decades, they spend most of their time in the wild and he is actually helping the wild life thrive with a fund he created. Nowadays bears are translocated or killed because they pose a threat to humans. Approximately 50 problem bears are getting killed each year by the B.C. government. But Doug shows us that even human beings can live with bears. It looks amazing how such a powerful and potentially dangerous predator can at the same time look cute as hell rolling around like a big baby. Doug predicts that if we continue killing the bears with the same no. then in near future we will not be able to see any more bears. I hope someday our view and outlook will be changed which we have on these beautiful creatures today.

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