Miracle Happened: Baby Buried Alive, Rescued From Rubble In Syria


Child Rescued from Under Rubble

We all have heard about miracles till now but this time in this video we can see the miracle in front of us. The video shows a group of men rescuing an 8 months old baby girl from rubble in the eastern al-Ma’saranieh district, Syrian city of Aleppo. The footage was dated on Wednesday – the day after government air strikes on the rebel-held district.The video was first published by Nour.Media.Center activists in Syria’s second city of Aleppo on January 22, 2014. After the bombing many buildings were reduced to rubble and this baby girl was staying along with her family in one of those buildings in the Almasranih Neighborhood of Aleppo in Syria.After the bombing the Syrian toddler was completely buried in dirt and rocks. Passers-by were reportedly alerted by cries from the toddler, then they started digging with their bare hands without knowing the exact place where the baby was buried. Then they see girl’s arm and her face was also revealed little bit and after realizing that the child is still alive, the furious digging speeds up. About a dozen of men worked together to dig that spot and to escape the child alive.

One man leans down and gives the baby mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. The baby mover her arm and head. She covers her eyes with her hands as she seems like feeling dust in her eyes. One man cleans her face and eyes in-between while others keep on digging. The toddler is blinking slowly and shielding its eyes from the sunlight. The news were that the child was rescued after two days. Soon the baby is completely pulled out from the rubble. She is having little blood on her clothes. The child appears safe and well. All the men cheers and shout “Allahu akbar” means God is great. There are few unbelievable facts that how did a kid survive in the rubble without air for so long but anyhow it was not less than any miracle.

According to the Human right reports 10 people including two children were killed in that bombardment. This child is a survivor of a war. Aleppo has been at the centre of some of the fiercest fighting b/w government and rebel forces in the three year civil war and around 125,000 humans have lost their valuable lives. Massacre is happening in Aleppo city all around. The worst massacre happened on Sunday when military helicopters dropped several barrels laden with TNT, nails and other metals debris designed to spray out as hot shrapnel, destroying a busy bus station and a market where people come to buy fruits and vegetables to kill as many people as they could.

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This video is just 8 minutes long and i am sure that after watching this video you will all believe in miracles.

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