These North Korean children are amazing guitar players


These North Korean children are amazing guitar players –

It is not really easy for the kids to play a guitar almost double of their own size. In this video you will see 5 cute North Korean children are playing guitar and they are actually great guitar players for their age, whatever age that might be. Some look as young as 4. This video clip allegedly came from North Korean broadcast.There are five children in this video. Two of them are girls and other three are boys. Girls are wearing white frocks and yellow shoes and boys are wearing black shoes. One interesting fact about Korean people is that by just looking at their face it is very difficult to recognize boys and girls because they all look same.

Kids are playing guitars very beautifully and very professionally as well. They are highly skilled and trained. They probably had to spend many hours just practising.If you have ever played a guitar then you may probably know that guitar strings are harsh enough on adult fingers, so you can imagine how difficult it would be for these kids. Even the guitars look too big for them to play but they all managed it beautifully.

In-between they are doing some movements by looking at each other. These little movements make their performance more watchable and beautiful. You need to pay attention on their face expressions as well, some of them are joyful having fun but some of them look serious, if you notice a girl, she gives weird expressions.Besides their talent if you look at the kids carefully then you will find some creepy things about this video that some of them look more like little old men than children because of their synchronized smiles and weird hairstyles. They might have been better suited to mandolins for their size, though. But instead of everything else we must appreciate their talent because if we read about North Korean children then we get to know that most of the children are imprisoned in camps where they are forced to labour, they are not getting proper food and they are abused by the guards. People are fighting with poverty and starvings. Children are not getting any kind of child care facilities, they are suffering with several diseases. But these kids have proved that if you are willing to do something then nothing can become a barrier in your way to success. In the end they all stand up and take a bow and i think the whole cast fully deserved the applause they got.Such kind of music gives a peace to our soul and these kids were amazing during whole performance. I am sure that you will watch this video again and again.Thanks for watching this video and be ready to press reload button to watch it again.

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