Seesaw jumping stunts { Amazing }

Seesaw jumping stunts


Guys watch out this seesaw jumping stunt video. I am sure this is something, you have not watched before. This amazing video was recorded in a practice session. These contests were actually more popular with the woman of the Korean ethnic group, but later on was adapted by men as well. Usually a springboard is 6 meters long, 0.4 meter wide and .05 meter thick and it is made of tough and bouncy wood to provide the flexibility.

The board is mounted upon a pivot like a seesaw.  In this video you can see two men are performing stunts on seesaw. One of them is wearing a black inner wear vest and other guy is just wearing a boxer and both are standing one at either end. In the beginning one guy is already in the air and when he jumps down, the opposite end of the board projects the other guy high into the air. For 2-3 jumps they remain in an upright position and then the guy in black dress does back flip and spins into the air. Then again they remain in an upright position and with each rebound they reach higher and higher into the air to reach up to a feet that requires perfect timing, then they do something more amazing and they will leave you stunned by their action. The guy in blue shorts does front flips and lands on the opposite end with perfect timing and balance and while that guy is in the air, the other guy walks to his opposite end. Then again after getting the height into the air they repeat the same stunt and this time the guy in black does back flips and goes to the other end he started at in the beginning. Then in the end they perform an another incredible stunt, one guy lays on the ground on his back and other guy lands over him after doing back flip into the air, with a perfect timing and judgement.

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Both guys have performed spins, back and front flips, and other feats of dexterity and daring. These stunts require perfect timing, skill and courage. During the whole show they perfectly maintain the balance on that spring board. These contests are usually held during the Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and on Mid-Autumn Day in china. There are few stories about that how this game was started. Some people say that long ago women used spring boards to throw themselves into sky, so that they could look over the walls to see their husbands who were in prison at that time. Few says that women were not allowed to go outside the courtyards, then women used springboards to peer over the high walls surrounding them.

Thank you so much for watching this amazing “Seesaw jumping stunts” video and i hope you enjoyed the action.

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