Water transfer printing

Water transfer printing


This video shows that how water transfer printing is done. The video is recorded by world’s premier water transfer printing training facility “HG Arts” located in Barcelona (Spain) and they give the demonstration about it.

You will see how easy it is now to coat the most diverse and complex surfaces. Water transfer printing is a versatile and surprisingly super method for surface finishing, complex three dimensional arm jacks, alloy wheels and other complex designs. The largest assortment of film decors offers an extensive selection for any taste. You can see they are placing a film on water.


The water solvable side is to be placed on the water surface, after the film has been soaked for the prescribed time the activation follows, the activator adsorbs the upper layer of the film and liquifies to decor colour, previously soaked support player on the under side holds the film together, this viscous state allows the film to cover the surface of the product perfectly in the following dipping process and to form an optimal compound with the base coat for perfect surface coating. First of all they dip an alloy wheel. They dip it slowly to make sure that it gets perfectly printed. When they take it out then you can see a beautiful printing on the surface of that allow wheel, this is same as which was made on the surface of water. So this is how the water transfer printing is done.

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After dipping the dipper base can be cleaned in simply and quickly by turning out the water circulation, so right away they get the clean water for the next dipping process. Then they show other prints as well on some other alloy wheels. You can see they are printing front grill of a car, bumper, arm rest and other big and small surfaces having typical designs which are not east to paint manually by other methods. There is actually a procedure to get the final look. After dipping is completed the surfaces are put into the water and stainless steel washers ensure that coated surfaces are cleaned perfectly and carefully from all sides. Finally the clear coat is applied to the objects and gives the decor the final look.

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This well approved and an innovative procedure opens up a whole new round of possibilities, to experience this trend setting technology out of fascinating coating procedure, we need to expand our work spectrum and we can use this amazing technology suitable for all kinds of applications allowing us to economically create unique designs. Refined by water transfer printing system the printed objects are an eye catching experience for everyone.

Thanks for watching this amazing video about water transfer printing and i hope you are impressed by this advanced technology of printing.

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