Amazing !! Slip N Fly pool party


Slip N Fly pool party

You might have been to so many pool parties, but have you ever been to any Slip N Fly pool party ? This Slip N Fly pool party is freaking awesome which is held during summers at Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp located in Butler Ohio, United States. This video was filmed during annual sports and music fest at Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp.

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This looks like so much fun there. Young guys and girls are flying into the air alone and in groups as well. These Slip n Slide are made of plastic sheets which are very slippery. To convert it from Slip n Slide to Slip N Fly the other end of the plastic sheet has been converted in upward slope and that end is attached to a swimming pool. So now when people leave this Slip N Fly tube, they fly in the air and then dive into the water in swimming pool. They do some flips while being in the air. It’s really awesome.

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You can enjoy more other sports there like BMX race, snowboarding, skateboarding, biking, motocross and few more sports. Ohio Drams is the only camp which makes you feel good while being there, you get the combination of action sports and the feel of tight knit traditional summer camp. Being as a camper you would love to attend Ohio Dreams again and again because of the things which Ohio Dreams takes to the next level with multiple awesome features. It’s an amazing place for kids of all ages. I can’t say much about this place bu it’s really a great place for campers. Thanks to the people who make it all happen.

Lovely track has been used in background ” Scrape The Sky” by “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop”. The video is filmed and edited by Brice Milleson.

Thanks for watching this amazing video of Slip N Fly pool party from annual sports and music fest at Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp and i hope you loved it and must be dying to go there to enjoy in upcoming summer party.

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