Haha !! Bulldogs are really cute


Bulldogs are really cute

You can find so many compilation videos on internet which are really amazing, but this compilation is best among all, ever seen on internet. This video is only about Bulldogs. Bulldogs are known to be of good temperament and they are also known for getting along well with children, other dogs and pets.

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A bulldog is sleeping on a sofa and responds to the owner’s “hello” by shaking his front paw. Next clip is very funny, a small bulldog barks at the bigger one and bigger one gets scared and runs away. They are just playing with each other. I am really impressed by the smelling power of bulldogs, while in deep sleep a bulldog comes to know about a sweet kept close to its nose by just smelling it. I am really wondering that how he smelled it when he was in deep sleep ! Really impressive. Another bulldog is snoring just like humans while sleeping on a sofa. It always makes me laugh whenever i watch this. A bulldog is sleeping just like kids on its back, looks really cute. A man scares the dogs and just look at the one who runs away. The dog does not even look back, just keeps on running until it reaches too far. At 1.33 two little dogs are really cute when they move their heads together in the same directions. A dog is playing with children in the courtyard and falls on its back while trying to get the ball. A man is asking a bulldog for a cup of tea and bulldog replies in YES by shaking head.

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Some of these are adorable, some funny and some i feel little bad for, i really like the two facing off across from each other, they are just too cute. Bulldogs are known for their friendly behavior with other animals. They become so attached to home and family, that they do not go out without a human companion. Generally these dogs are very aggressive but now breeders have worked to reduce aggression from these dogs, and they are one of the cutest pets for human beings now. All of these clips are hilarious, cute or a mixture of both.

Thanks for watching this ultimate and funny compilation of Bulldogs, and i hope you really liked this compilation.

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