Must Watch !!! Children do what they see


Children do what they see-Parents are role models for their children, hence, all parents should choose their actions very wisely in front of the children because children see, children do. We should set good examples for our children because they learn from us during their childhood.This video is giving us a message not to do wrong things in front of the children because the do the same. A lady is smoking a cigarette and a little girl is following her steps. A man drinks along with his little son. A lady is abusing another car driver and her son is accompanying her in abusing the driver. A young man shouts on an old man and asks him to leave the house and his son is doing the same like him. These all parents are setting wrong examples in front of their children and their children are adopting same bad habits.


Near the end in this video a man helps a lady and his son learns the same and helps the same lady too along with his father. This man sets a good example for his son and his son will adopt the same good things while watching his father. So the thing is that we should our influence positive. You can feel that sometimes our own behaviors, some good and some bad, are not ours either, they are a left over from an impressionable event that carried through from childhood until now and thus we must look at our destructive behaviors and make sure we do not pass them onto the next generation.

Children are like a white blank paper, we can write anything on it, in the same way we can teach anything to the children during their childhood, whatever the manners we give them, they follow the same. Hence, we should teach them good things, good manners because children are the future of this world.

We should also agree with the fact that in some cases children do not learn from their parents. In such cases we can only try to make children understand the difference between good and bad.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you liked it and the message given in this video. Make sure to spread this message to the people around you.

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